Nessie Sticker

Nessie Sticker


From the darkest depths of the loch comes everyone’s favorite cryptid — Nessie! One of my Saturday morning doodles realized as a vector mascot design.

In Cryptozoology, the point isn’t whether these beloved creatures are real or not — it’s the enjoyment of speculating and learning the folklore. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go check my backyard to see if the Flatwoods Monster is back…

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Sticker info: Stickers are about 3x3 inches, and are printed in stunning detail with a semi-gloss finish. All stickers come from Stickermule, which is 100 times better than Redbubble or anywhere else. A wonderful addition to any MacBook, notebook, Trapper-Keeper, or elsewhere. These are not weather-proof and not recommended for outside application. Will ship to anywhere in the world, but please be sure to include your address in a format my United States brain can understand.