Sweetroll Dragon

Sweetroll Dragon


“I’m sworn to carry your burdens.” Lydia said as you handed her another ancient Nord sword. Now where did those sweetrolls go? You rummage through your pack after a particularly harrowing battle against the barrow’s undead inhabitants. Victory against the undead still sweet in your mind, “…now all I need is something sweet in my mouth,“ you lament after reaching the bottom of your pack. “If only I had bothered to burden Lydia with food too.” Suddenly, your eyes lock in a hungry gaze…

Ok, so this is where I almost started writing fan fiction about the Dragonborn and Lydia and things went a little bit off the rails, especially after that whole sweetroll/sweet things in my mouth bit…

This is a window sticker with a transparent adhesive, and is durable enough for outside use.

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Sticker info: Stickers are about 3x3 inches, and are printed in stunning detail with a semi-gloss finish. All stickers come from Stickermule, which is 100 times better than Redbubble or anywhere else. A wonderful addition to any MacBook, notebook, Trapper-Keeper, or elsewhere. This particular sticker is pretty weatherproof and will be excellent on outdoor applications such as car windows. Will ship to anywhere in the world, but please be sure to include your address in a format my United States brain can understand.