Matt Benson

Matt currently leads the UI/UX at SignUpGenius in Charlotte, NC, where he works closely with marketing, design, development, and support to continually improve the world's number one online sign up platform.

With over 16 years experience working as a graphic designer, photographer, and front-end developer, Matt cooks with a variety of spicy skills needed to create successful whatevers. He recently spent two years as an official Adobe creative streamer on Twitch, has had several photos featured in the Unsplash top editorial feed as well as published in books, been highlighted in DailyUI's weekly newsletter, and genuinely loves interacting with and helping other designers. 

If you are a designer, developer, student, or anywhere in between, Matt would love to hear from you! Stop by Twitch every Saturday & Sunday morning to drink coffee, ask questions, and relax while he works on designs and illustrations.