Skyrim Alchemy Pocket Reference

This is a compilation of only the best and most beneficial, deadly, and multi-effect potions & poisons available. The alchemy recipes below are a curated selection of Skyrim potions with complimentary effects such as Paralysis + Lingering Health Damage or Restore Magicka + Fortify Magicka, etc.

Potions are rated with ◊ diamonds ◊ indicating the overall usefulness and availability of ingredients for each potion. A 5-diamond ◊◊◊◊◊ potion is typically the easiest and most useful. Your mileage may vary.



All the potions and poisons on this list were generated with the help of a few online Skyrim Alchemy tools:

Sweetroll Dragon

“I’m sworn to carry your burdens.” Lydia said as you handed her another ancient Nord sword. Now where did those sweetrolls go? You rummage through your pack after a particularly harrowing battle against the barrow’s undead inhabitants. Victory against the undead still sweet in your mind, “…now all I need is something sweet in my mouth,“ you lament after reaching the bottom of your pack. “If only I had bothered to burden Lydia with food too.” Suddenly, your eyes lock in a hungry gaze…

Ok, so this is where I almost started writing fan fiction about the Dragonborn and Lydia and things went a little bit off the rails, especially after that whole sweetroll/sweet things in my mouth bit…

This is a window sticker with a transparent adhesive, and is durable enough for outside use.