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Movie Poster Alphabet 


Feeling up to a challenge? Create a movie poster for each letter of the alphabet, using only the first letter of the movie's name. Put your creative design skills to the test as you work on a concept, create design assets, and illustrate the theme of the movie — all without mentioning the movie's name.

Now go make some popcorn, grab your multipass, install the oscillation overthruster, and drink your Gelfling essence, and let's make some movie posters!

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Watch a movie you love. Using the first letter of the movie's name, develop a concept and design a poster for the movie.


Share your design on Instagram/Dribbble/Twitter with the hash tag #AMoviePoster.


Design live


Come watch Adobe Illustrator and graphic design projects streamed live every weekend at The show is presented in a tutorial fashion and questions are encouraged! So stay in your pajamas, grab a coffee, and relax in your favorite comfy chair.

  • Saturday Morning 7am-10am (East Coast)

  • Sunday Morning 7am-10am

Missed a live show? All the past videos are saved in the video archive.

Recent Work


For my most recent work, I tend to update Instagram more often than anywhere else. Check there first 😉 — Dribbble and other links are in the footer below.