Spacing Guild Window Decal

Spacing Guild Window Decal


Whether you’re folding space or simply sneaking through rush hour traffic, the Spacing Guild window decal will alert others to your prescient abilities. You know the secrets of time and space — and traveling without moving — especially at 5pm on I485 when you literally aren’t moving.

This window decal is a subtle (and very durable) 9x1.5 inch graphic that will class up even the oldest Heighliner or space freighter.

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Sticker info: This window decal is 9 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. It's incredibly sticky and durable, and meant to be used on exterior windows. It is perfectly die cut and has a removable clear adhesive top to make positioning and application easy. All stickers come from Stickermule, which is 100 times better than Redbubble or anywhere else. Will ship to anywhere in the world, but please be sure to include your address in a format my United States brain can understand.